A lot of the work I do is for book publishers and magazines but also includes advertising and private clients. I have photographed for 14 different books and have worked in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Costa Rica, England, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Nicaragua, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, the USA , Wales and Vietnam. Here you can see a selection of my recent work.

Book by Masih Sahim – Sei höflich zu deinem Hund – published 2018 – Photo contributor

Advertising campaign 2017 Platinum dog food – Print and Online

Book by José Arce’s about puppy behaviour and training – José Arces Welpenbuch – published by GU, 2017

Weimaraner dogs in Weimar for dogs magazine

Book by José Arce – José Arce’s Praxisbuch – published by GU, 2016

Book by José Arce – Meine 5 Geheimnisse für eine glückliche Mensch-Hund-Beziehung – published by GU, 2014

Book by Astrid Nestler – Versteh mich doch! Hundesprache richtig deuten – published by GU, 2013

Book – Das Welpenbuch – Book about puppies with Author Katharina von der Leyen published by GU, 2013

Book by Sophie Strodtbeck and Uwe Borchert about young dogs – Hilfe, mein Hund ist in der Pubertät! – published by GU, 2013

Book about Whippets – Whippets! Pictures of an extraordinary Breed – published 2012

Dog photo for Bayer Advantix Advertising

Published Autumn 2012 – Hunde – 365 Tage mit dem besten Freund – Kalender with 365 of my photos, in cooperation with “Dogs”


Published Spring 2011 – Dogdance with Inka Burow und Denise Nardelli, published by Cadmos


Published Autumn 2010 – Hunde der Welt – collection of stories produced for the german magazine “dogs”, many of which are photographed by me