Debra Bardowicks – about the photographer

My job lets me combine my two passions : Animals and Photography.

My formal qualifications are a BSc in Biological Sciences, during which my particular focus was on Environmental Biology and Zoology and a MSc in Biological Photography and Imaging with Distinction.

As a child my pets included everything from mice to ponies. My neighbours started bringing me injured wild animals they had found and I was simply fascinated by the variety and beauty of the natural world. At age 14 I worked at Frankfurt Zoo during my school holidays. That‘s when I started photographing animals seriously and since then I never stopped.

After school in Germany and England I studied in England and Finland. My studies took me to several interesting places around the world. In Guatemala I looked after wildlife that had been taken away from smugglers. I spent a summer camping at a beach on Crete to study sea turtles and in Kenya I produced information materials for visitors and school children at “Lake Bogoria National Reserve”. All these experiences confirmed my decision to work as a professional animal photographer.

Now I have achieved my dream and have been working worldwide as an animal photographer in more than 20 countries since 2006. Although I enjoy photographing any kind of animal, dogs and horses are my speciality and I have photographed them in countries as far apart as Abu Dhabi and Vietnam, Australia and Iceland. As an animal photographer I see the beauty in every animal and would like to show their individual personality with the images I produce. It is my aim to produce aesthetic and touching images.